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HeresMyStory.com is an educational technology and development company focused on connecting students with real world locations, events, and historically significant happenings through storytelling and game mechanics. We develop mobile location-based games to tell the stories, build empathy, and place the user/visitor in the real drama of a significant location.  We are Pokémon Go merged with ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ designed to be played at a specific location(s).

We bring a great depth of knowledge in how to best engage students and users through various media and our core game mechanics. Once a student is engaged, his or her learning experience is deepened through materials on our educational platform.  Our online platform supports the game experience and provides students and teachers more resources to further explore the stories, lessons, and themes revealed in the game. 

Here's My Story at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

Time Trek - Harpers Ferry Learning Adventure

Partnered with Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, Here’s My Story will deliver a mobile location-based game in which students and visitors alike engage in a virtual role-playing game. The user interacts and takes part in the history and human drama of Harpers Ferry through the lives and adventures of various characters: a nurse, a solider, a slave, a townsperson, etc. Using various media such as augmented reality, video, and audio, the app immerses the user in the location, making history real and fun.

For students and teachers, coming to Harpers Ferry on a field trip, the app offers a new experience in which to ignite curiosity and learning. The students no longer stare at an empty meadow, old foundations, or a lone cannon; instead they find the people of history who lived, fought, and struggled there. Historic figures, depicted in augmented reality, appear and speak to users, on their mobile devices, telling first person stories, asking for help, and giving instructions. By entering into their lives, conflicts, and decisions, students find themselves in transformative encounters. The mission is to teach empathy, to spark a passion for self-learning, and to inspire social innovation. Students and teachers will find exciting new opportunities to learn, and share their insights and ideas. The teachers will find a freshly responsive group of students, whose curiosity will spark into self-learning and exploration–just the right passion at the right age for a lasting impression.

HeresMyStory.com, LLC is partnered with The Journey Through Hallowed Ground Partnership, Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, the Harpers Ferry Historical Association, and Jefferson County (WV) School District on the development and success of this product.


The Journey, is a non-profit, four-state partnership dedicated to raising awareness of the American heritage in the region from Gettysburg, PA to MD and Harpers Ferry, WV to Jefferson’s Monticello in VA. With more history than any other region in the nation, The Journey was recognized by Congress as a National Heritage Area.

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